Cairo, the capital of Egypt, is located by the River Nile, 15 km south of the area where the river divides into the two streams of Damietta and Rosetta and the beginning of the Nile delta.
With an estimated population of just over 18 million (2007), it is one of the largest cities in the world. It is the cultural, political, administrative, industrial, and tourist centre of not only Egypt, but all the Middle East.
Welcome to the vivid capital of EgyptThe oldest part of the Cairo is situated on the flat country between the River Nile, and the Muqattam Mountain on the east bank.
From here the city has spread approximately 35 kilometers north and southbound along the Nile. At the western bank it has spread down to the Giza Pyramids.
The Nile islands of Zamalek and Roda are a completely integrated part of the city.
Along the Nile you will find modern skyscrapers and luxury hotels, while the old city with its narrow streets, and the religious university Al Azhar, are to be found only a few kilometers away.
The climate in Cairo is warm, dry and pleasant compared to other Middle Eastern cities. This has made the city a popular refuge for Persian Gulf Arabs during the summer.

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